About Beeth.com

Hi and welcome to my site! I'm Carl Beeth and this my personal site. It's permanently under construction and experimentation.

I'm one of the principals behind icogs a kind content management tool with a blog philosophy. this site is of course powered by it.

To finance icogs I work as a information architect/designer on large web projects for private companies and government institutions. I have two special interests in information design.

  • Page centric design. I'm a much great believer in the Mark Hursts "page paradigm" than taxonomy based information design. One of my permanent future projects I would like to work on a collection web design patterns for specially UI widgets. For example exploring the many ways of offering field level help in a form and the pros and con's of each one.
  • Information design between sites. Many of the projects I have worked on the way the site relates to other site has been very important and I believe this is an often overlooked aspect in information design.

Why Excersizing Dyslexia?

Well I happen to be dyslexic and my writing is really bad so it’s there to serve as a warning. Initialy the idea was to have it baselined "Exorcising Dyslexia" but then I noticed that my writing doesent really get any better from the practice so I might as well call it excersizing.

Even though the site is not about dyslexia I am interested in the topic and will probably post about it once in a while.