Tips for getting to sleep faster

No wonder I have problems sleeping, I break almost all of those rules.

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What is your dangerous idea? has their annual question online, this year it is "What is your dangerous idea?". Answered by a bunch of luminaries they are well worth browsing through.

Richard Dawkins on Creationism etc.

There is a short interview with Richard Dawkins over on beliefnet where of course he talks about evolution, creationism, god and atheism. I thought this part was particularly telling:

...I feel elated. My book, "Unweaving the Rainbow," is an attempt to elevate science to the level of poetry and to show how one can be—in a funny sort of way—rather spiritual about science. Not in a supernatural sense, but there are uplifting mysteries to be solved. The contemplation of the size and scale of the universe, of the depth of geological time, of the complexity of life--these all, to me, have an inspirational quality. ...

This touches a nerve with me. I often get annoyed by people that think that one can not marvel at nature if one tries to understand it. In my opinion understanding almost always ends up enhancing the beauty of what one observes.

Creativity determines sexual success | Science Blog

Gee I think I need to register for more art classes ;-)

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18 Tricks to Teach Your Body

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Fuel's paradise? Power source that turns physics on its head

Looks too good to be true.

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13 things that don't make sense

The new scientist has a list of thirteen scientific question that don't quite make sense. Lists like this should be plastered on the wall of every high school science classroom. Kids don't get the feeling that there are unresolved issues in science because all the time in class is spent teaching them what we already know. Showing them what remains to be understood is the best way to awaken their curiosity and possibly push them towards a carer in science.

What do you believe in? has published their annual question; "What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?" as usual it’s full thought provoking stuff from all all kinds of luminaries.

Is there a fourth law of thermodynamics, or some cousin of it, concerning self constructing non equilibrium systems such as biospheres anywhere in the cosmos?
I like to think there may be such a law. ...
Stewart Kauffman
I believe in belief—or rather: I have faith in having faith. Yet, I am an atheist (or a "bright" as some would have it). How can that be?
It is important to have faith, but not necessarily in God. Faith is important far outside the realm of religion: having faith in other people, in oneself, in the world, in the existence of truth, justice and beauty. There is a continuum of faith, from the basic everyday trust in others to the grand devotion to divine entities.
Tor Nørretranders

Many more at

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Mainly to play around I have started a podcast, It's experimental and maybe even a little ethically dubious as I will be pointing to other peoples shows. I hope to do this to promote them.

So to spark of, I'll start with IT Conversations my favorite feed. This is really intelligent programs mainly about IT but also other topics and as a sample I'm linking to a presentation Human Nature by Malcolm Gladwell. It's about how we can not trust peoples expressed opinions.

Proof of our exploding universe

Science breakthrough of the year: proof of our exploding universe

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Eat worms - feel better

Some amazing stuff about parasites

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Bill Joy Interview

Wired - Hope Is a Lousy Defense

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25 Provocative Science Questions

Celebrating Science Times 25 years ago, we pose 25 provocative questions facing science.

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