November 2005

18 Tricks to Teach Your Body

Carl Beeth

The Corporation

Jennifer Abbott
Mark Achbar


Finally saw the corporation, after a quick run down of the history of the corporation the movie settles down to a very scary psychoanalysis of the corporation with lots of examples amoral behavior.

Although not surprised, I found the way Fox shut up their reporters for fear of losing their advertising dollars particularly scary. Sadly I think this is now the norm in the investigative reporting, actually it is quite questionable if there still is anything one can call tv journalism when the tv news is reduced to gathering eyeballs for advertisers.

I don't think there is anything inherently immoral with with the concept of the corporation but would definitely agree that it is amoral by nature and only through legislation can we insure that it does not slip into immorality. Anyway the movie is definitely a must see movie.

Carl Beeth

Fuel's paradise? Power source that turns physics on its head

Looks too good to be true.

Carl Beeth

No Functional Spec

Jason Freid of 37Signals explains why we should not write functional specifications and instead concentrate on building the interface.

Don't write a functional specifications document. Why? Well, there's nothing functional about a functional specifications document.

Functional specifications documents lead to an illusion of agreement. A bunch of people agreeing on paragraphs of text is not real agreement. Everyone is reading the same thing, but they're often thinking something different. This inevitably comes out in the future when it's too late.

This rings so true! The only way we can be sure we are talking about the same thing is if all the players are looking at the user experience though interface mock-ups.

Micro House

cube houseVia a BBC article I bumped in to a cool micro housing project base on 2.6 meter cube made by a team of students lead Richard Horden. I have always had a fascination with small and efficient living spaces, maybe it is from my childhood building tree houses with my brother and cousins. These cubes look very interesting but I wish I could get more information about how the space works. I think that as you reduce space, architecture has to get closer to industrial design and I get the feeling that these people understood that, in a way the whole thing becomes more like a spacial furniture appliance.