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What an experience it was to see Adams Apples at the Bifff this year. The story is about Adam (Ulrich Thomsen) a hardened neo-nazi that is put in the care of a village priest that can only turn the other cheek. The attitude of the priest and the other people in the little church community completely destabilizes Adam until hilarity ensues.

This movie has an incredible mix of humor, heart and absurdity. It can be favorably be compared to Delicatessen, with slightly less visual appeal but largely compensated by a fantastic script. The acting is absolutely super, Ulrich Thomsen as the bewildered neo-nazi is incredible but so is the whole cast. Well deserving of the The Golden Raven at the Bifff, a must see!

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14 blades by 2100 |

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Fantastic little miniatures in a food context made by the photographers Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle. You can also see more of them in their original context in this sadly over flashed site.

Creativity determines sexual success | Science Blog

Gee I think I need to register for more art classes ;-)

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More Skating and the Gazon

Of course this being Belgium it rained for Rollerparade so that was canceled, but on saturday morning the Euro Rollers invited me to skate along to the Atomium. We went by the Chateau Royal and had some nice thrills going down the hill by the japanese tower where someone clocked over 50km/h on their wrist GPS, don’t think I reached that speed but it was scary enough, I learned that the trick when the skates start to wobble is to put more weight on the heel and wiggle your toes.

On Saturday night I fooled part of the gang to come along to the Gazon where Leeroy Thornhill was DJing to crowd of maybe 2000 people.

On sunday morning after a couple of hours sleep it was off again but this time out to the Bois de la Cambre via les Etands d’Ixelles and back again via the Brussels Observatory and some incredibly stupid hills selected by me.

I really enjoyed meeting all the Eurorollers during these couple of days, they are an incredibly warm and welcoming group, furthermore I think they are on to something, it must be one of the best ways to visit cities as you really get a feel for them and not only the tourist parts but also the neighborhoods.

Some more pictures

Travel and skating

Something massively cool happened to me tonight, just as I was skating home a group of about 20 inline skaters zoomed passed by my place. Curious if this was some kind of organized group I caught up with them and asked but they explained that they were just traveling and instead invited me to join them. Off we went to the EU parlament, the Cinquantenaire and back via the "Park Royal" and "Galeries de la Reine". While skating they explained that they were from all over the US and do these trips every year to different cities in Europe. It must be a great way to get a real feel for a city. It is also feels very safe to be a gang of skaters cars have to acknowledge a cluster like that.

We finally ended up at the "Halles Saint Gery" to have a couple of beers, a fantastic group of people. And then to top of the experience it turns out that Meg sitting next to me is also an Information Architect. Tomorrow we are off again but this time in the context of the Rollerparade for a different kind of experience.

Lots of Daily Show Clips

If you’re a Daily Show fan check out this comedy central index page with over 600 clips of pure Daily nirvana. and if you are not yet a fan its a great intro to one of the best things to hit TV in a long time. Also, Lisa Rein has put up a NPR interview with Stephen Colbert from the show.

Mr. Picassohead

Make your own little Picasso

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Wotan est mort les chiens aussi

Odball news in French

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Tapestry, Comics by RSS

Tapestry is a series of RSS feeds for online comics

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How Toons

One-page cartoons for kids to build, play, and learn with!

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