March 2005

13 things that don't make sense

The new scientist has a list of thirteen scientific question that don't quite make sense. Lists like this should be plastered on the wall of every high school science classroom. Kids don't get the feeling that there are unresolved issues in science because all the time in class is spent teaching them what we already know. Showing them what remains to be understood is the best way to awaken their curiosity and possibly push them towards a carer in science.

Lots of Daily Show Clips

If you’re a Daily Show fan check out this comedy central index page with over 600 clips of pure Daily nirvana. and if you are not yet a fan its a great intro to one of the best things to hit TV in a long time. Also, Lisa Rein has put up a NPR interview with Stephen Colbert from the show.

Grennaskolan 85-2005

I thought I would just put a link to 85ers 20th anniversary prep site just in case I have some old Grennaskolan friends that pop by this site and don’t know we are planning the big get together in May

icogs getting very close


Finally, after way too much time we are getting ready to launch icogs. Although icogs has been running in private beta for a long time we are now ready to expand the program, so if you are interested in trying a dirt simple content management system you can find out more and sign up here.

America don't gloat over Lebanon

Of course Syria should leave Lebanon, but the lebanese people are making this happen not the Unites States. If the neo-cons and the US administration keep taking credit for what is currently happening in Lebanon it could seriously backfire. Look at todays demonstrations for a serious wake-up call.

iTunes as a messaging system

Xavier sent me a link to a wonderful little story about iTunes being used as a to messaging system between strangers

I waited. I listened to selections from her library: Low, Manual. And then the sound skipped. I flipped to iTunes. Her library title had changed: try_the_new_dalek.

A conversation began, conducted solely by library title, and it continued for the next couple of hours.

Not only is itunes an extension of identity but its now also becoming a communication medium